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In Our Hearts  / Kristen &. Marissa

In Our Hearts

We thought of you with love today.
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we'll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

True Friends  / Kristen &. Marissa

Many people will walk in

and out of your life.

But only true friends

will leave footprints

in your heart.

We love You  / Kristen &. Marissa (Buggs' two favorite females. )


If tears could build a stairway,

and memories were a lane.


We would walk right up to heaven,

And bring you back again.


No farewell words were spoken,

no time to say goodbye.


You were gone before we knew it,

and only God knows why.


Our hearts still ache in sadness

and many tears still flow.


What it meant to lose you,

No one can ever know.

                Image Ref: 05-08-5 - Cross on a Hill

love / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)
My Angel  / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)

There's a special angel in Heaven,
That is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him,
But where God wanted him to be.
He was here just a moment,
Like  a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
he isn't very far.
He touched the hearts of many,
Like only an angel can do.
I would've held him every minute,
If the end I only knew.
So I send this special message,
To Heaven up above.
Please take care of my angel,
And send him all my love!

12 years  / Marissa   Read >>
12 years  / Marissa
I know no one really looks at this anymore but just felt the need to write you. Man,it's been 12 years. Looking back at the posts I made after you passed I get sunk back in the feelings of being lost, then realize how far I've come. 12 years ago no one could have convinced me I would make it a day, week, month, year, without you and here it's been 12. It's been a crazy ride!! I'm finally in a great place, with a great family! I'm always able to remember our fun times, your love for life and happy memories. Except 2 days out of the year, Dec 3 and 4th. For some reason I can remember happy times until those days, 12 years later it still has a hold on me. I wish I knew how to fix it. You will always hold a big piece of my heart. Until we meet again ILYF! Close
Thinking about you  / Marissa   Read >>
Thinking about you  / Marissa

As I sit here reading back thru my old posts I can still feel that same pain I felt those 5 long years ago. I remember not knowing how I would make it thru the end of each day yet I have made it 5 years and have come so far I KNOW you are proud of me. Thank you so much for everything you have given me while you were here with  me on earth and since you've been in heaven. What I've been thru has made me a stronger person and more appreciative of the people I have in my life and made me realize anything can happen and not to be afraid to tell people that mean something to me how much I care because they can be taken from us so quickly. You have taught me many lessons and helped me become the person I am today and I'm forever grateful! Please continue to watch over me and keep me safe till we meet again! I feel pretty lucky to have had you in my life and now to have you as my angel. Fly high my Buggs and always remember I love you forever XOXO!



Missing You  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)  Read >>
Missing You  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)

You have been on my mind a lot lately.  More than normally any way!  I miss you!!  I am really missing our talks!  I'm needing to hear that laugh.  Guess it is about time to get the video out and listen to it :)  Love you Honey! 

Missing you!  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you!  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)
It has been a while since I have written, but I think of you daily.  I'm always remembering something you said or did.  Or seeing something that reminds me of you.  I still find myself wanting to call you when I need to talk.  You were the best listener!!  I miss you terribly.  I love you HONEY!! Close
Iknow you pain  / Dell Murray (new friend by web site) )  Read >>
Iknow you pain  / Dell Murray (new friend by web site) )

We just lost our son and We never new a heart could  be so broken. As I read about your son it reminded of ours. Our son was 32 but age does not matter when you lose a child.  The pain is still the same, I know we had Kevin longer but every day we miss him more and more.  Our son's best friend was his boston terrior dog named oreo. I seen where your son wanted to be a policeman and my son made that dream in his life come true, but his time on the force was short. He was part time for 6 months then the same month he became a full time officer he had a accident in our home in which he fell a hit his head. Two weeks later we had to decide to let them take him off all the machines and let him go.  It was the hardest thing we had to ever do. As I read  about your son and many people talked about how big your son's heart was, well that is what everyone says about our son.  So I guess God needs the good ones. But nothing anyone can say will take the hurt away. I just pray that God in some time will start helping us  with our pain. May God Bless You.  

God Bless Dell Murray, Mother of Officer Kevin Murray    

Happy Christmas from heaven....  / IRENE MOMMY TO ANGEL KAYLA XAVIER 4EVER (DEC.22,2008)  Read >>
Happy Christmas from heaven....  / IRENE MOMMY TO ANGEL KAYLA XAVIER 4EVER (DEC.22,2008)

Just thinking about you  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)  Read >>
Just thinking about you  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)

I miss you oh so much!! You have been on my mind a lot lately. I really miss our talks. There are just some things that I could only talk about with you. I really miss my best friend :( Life will never be the same. I don't think anyone knows me better :) I love you so much honey :)

Life / Mark Traill (Dad)  Read >>
Life / Mark Traill (Dad)
   It has been three weeks since the Kidney transplant. The family is still amazed at how strong you felt about donating your kidney. It was no surprise to me as I know what an awesome heart you had. They say time diminishes the pain. So far it hasn't helped.
    The pain is real as is the emptyness inside. We all know our days are numbered, yet most agree you left to soon. I wish I knew why GOD called you home. I miss your smile and warm hugs beyond words. 
    The complete joy and Honor I feel as your Dad seems to multiply the loss. You were truely a very wonderful man. You picked such fantastic friends ( Family ) Buddy & Kristen are great people, as is Marissa. It is easy to see why you loved them.
     It was a privilege to be a friend of yours. I love the memories and the times we shared. It is cool that the first & last pictures of you were of us. Damn I wish we had time to create more memories. I pray for peace for all who knew and miss you. I love you so very much.
    Rest in Peace Son. You are missed & Loved Forever. Close
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!  / Buddy &. Kristen Anglen (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!  / Buddy &. Kristen Anglen (Friend)
We wish you were here to celebrate all of the holidays with us!  We miss you so much and we will be thinking of you.  We love you!!! Close
One Year Ago Today!!!  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)  Read >>
One Year Ago Today!!!  / Kristen Anglen (Friend)
I wish that I had the same frame of mind as Jaycee!!  A year ago when we were standing in the emergancy room Jaycee asked why I was crying so I told her that you  had went to heaven and she looked at me as serious as can be and said "It's okay Mom that is where Popa is".  She is so sweet!!  If I would only listen to what I tell her.  I know that you being in heaven is a good thing.  It is just hard to accept that you not being here with us is a good thing.  We all miss you so much and I don't think that will ever get any earsier.  I love you!!!!!   Close
My Son  / Dad   Read >>
My Son  / Dad

Oh Bugg's you left us to soon. I know it was God's will yet I can't understand his timeing. After what you had endured you not only survived but grew. You had many gifts including the ablity to read people and a heart that is rare in todays world. I was truly blessed to be you Dad and friend. The people in your life are great people and there is a lot of comfort to my heart to know and talk to them.You affected so many people with your silly grin and quick wit.      
   What we would'nt give to have you with us now. The sad truth is we have to go on and trust that things are as they should be. I know if you are watching us there is sadness in your heart for you see things that should not be yet can't change them.
     We will go on I am blessed in life and you know I miss you so very much. We still have one last get togther yet todo. I pray that whwen that day come's all who are there will feel your spirit through the good times locked in our memories which noone can touch nor taint.
    I pray for peace for all who missyou and truly were friends of yours. We 
laugh & cry at your antics. Your herat of a true men is missed and can't be replaced. though we move forward in life the place you have in our hearts is unmovable. You are Awesome Son.

One year  / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)  Read >>
One year  / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)
I can't believe it's been one year since our lifes were tragically changed. One year ago today we lost a very special person. Words aren't enough to explain how much you are missed. I miss your voice, your smile, your laugh, your touch, your kiss, your jokes, your smell, your love, and everything about you. You were my world and since you left it has been turned upside down. My life is just starting to come back together but there will always be a void where you once were. You will forever be in my heart and on my mind and no one will ever be able to take your place. I miss my best friend. I am so thankfull we got to spend the time we did together you taught me so much about life and love and I am forever gratefull to you for that. The time wasn't long enough. I can't write any more right now today is very hard on me. We all miss you so very much and our hearts are still broke without you. O my love this is so hard.

I love you forever


Your Baby Close
Thanksgiving / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)  Read >>
Thanksgiving / Marissa Anderson (Girlfriend)
Hey babe. It's been a while since I wrote you but I know you hear me talking to you all the time. This time of year is so hard for all of us. I remember last year on Thanksgiving you were so excited to get to spend the day doing what you loved doing, riding bikes with your dad. I ran into you guys at QT I was getting gas and so were you and I told you you better be careful and you gave me a kiss and a hug and said "I'm always careful honey" (I laughed) and you thought it was a good idea at that time to tell me how you scared yourself and your dad and as you put it "the seat was up your butt". Your dad told me later that when I left before you guys rode off you told him "I got to see my baby...now we can ride." You always called me to let me know you were ok anytime you went riding. I remember one time you went with Cody and you guys had a close call and you told him he better call his wife and tell her he loves her and you called me to tell me what happend and you guys were fine and you loved me. You were always so thoughtful. 

It's getting close to one year since you left us..I can't hardly believe it, it seems like just yesterday you were here with me. Then your birthday and christmas...I'm sure we will have another celebration for your birthday like we did lat year...we havn't talked about it really who knows maybe Kristen and I will just sit around and talk about memories, not that we don't do that anyway...Whatever happends we will all be thinking about you and as it was said by Josh before Christmas Eve will forever be a day of remembrance in your honor.

 Hopefully we can get the tape Kristen and Buddy have of you on a DVD and on the comp I'm sure we aren't the only ones that miss hearing your voice. And that video doesn't show much of you but we can hear you laugh loud and clear lol. 

My life has been going pretty good latley ...I just need you to help me accept that things are going to be different without you and that it's ok I can be happy...I know your glad that I'm doing better it doesn't get better I have just been able to cope with the pain. We all miss you so much and more and more with each passin day.

There are so many things I wish you were here to share with us. Like how Kadens growing up and Kaylee too they both are getting so big it's amaizing how they are growing. And Jaycee's cheerleading compitition last weekend she did so good..her first comp and they got 1st place! She nailed that cartwheel!!! I know your were watching down on her and are so proud.

I wanted to tell you HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! and that we all will be thinking about you tomorrow. We all love you and miss you so very much! Keep watching over us like you always do. 

I miss you more than words can say. I love you forever.

XOXO all my love,
Your baby girl Close
Ol times  / Melissa *.   Read >>
Ol times  / Melissa *.

its been awhile since i've wrote but i still think about you all the time. i just can't believe its been almost a year since the phone call. you know my parents moved to okc this past month (i still think there are tire marks in the street from you) so now i really don't have a reason to visit owasso anymore but no matter how many times i visit i still look at classics parking lot just to see if i can see the mustang and i still expect to run into you at a store and wait to hear what wise crack comment you'd make when i finally did see you.  its hard to break old habits i guess. and the crazy part about all this is i've made a friend that i thought i'd NEVER be able to talk to... KRISTEN..weird huh? i figure you were just sitting there with a big ol grin on your face when we actually did talk and not yell or cuss at eachother.FINALLY WE GET ALONG and its all because of YOU!!your probably wanting to kick us for not doing that when you wanted us to. we did some pretty stupid things fighting for you! but we both also knew you were worth fighting for. i think every person who knew you would do whatever it took for you! its nice sharing old stories with kristen though. i think we just mostly laugh at how stupid we were back then but its nice. i just want you to know that you hold a special part of my heart and you will never be forgotten! YOU ARE TRUELY ONE OF A KIND!!!

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