"Buggs" Nathaniel Traill
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His legacy

When Nathaniel was little, him and his brother Cody were playing and Cody came running out of the room to his dad and mom telling on Nathaniel, because he had stuck some of Cody's toys in the toilet, saying "He buggs, he buggs" and from then on it stuck and he got the name Buggs.

We miss you  
Words cannot describe the pain we are feeling without Buggs. It has almost been a year since he left us and life isn't the same. Buggs was someone you could count on at anytime to be there for a helping hand or just to listen.  He cared about his friends deeply as we did for him. He was very close to his older brother Cody, Buggs told Cody everything even things he didn't care to know . Buggs and Cody were very much opposites but Buggs would do anything for his brother and loved him very much. Buggs also has two younger sisters and a younger brother that he adored. They love their Brother Buggs so much. I know Buggs misses playing with them and keeping them in line. Buggs has a nephew that he didn't get to meet on earth but I know he was with baby Nathaniel before he came into this world. I'm sure Buggs would be so proud of his nephew and showing him off to anyone that he could. He was so excited to be an uncle and couldn't wait. It's sad to know baby Nathaniel wont get to meet his Uncle Buggs and see what a great man he was. I know his mom and dad will make sure ne knows how much he is loved by Buggs. Buggs was a very good person with a good heart and the world was a better place for having known him.  You were lucky if Buggs called you a friend, you were something special. He loved life and he loved having fun and goofing around no matter what he did. We miss his voice, his laugh, his smile, his hugs, his jokes, everything about him. No one will be able to fill the void Buggs' loss has left in our hearts. We love you and miss you so very much Buggs! Keep watching over all of us and keep us safe until we are called home, I know you will be waiting with open arms.

You are forever missed and loved!
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